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Tool Sharpening Cup Wheels (Flat)

Tool Sharpening Cup Wheels (Flat)

Product Description
Karbosan grinding cups are produced for various grinding and sharpening processes using EKR abrasive particles.
Manufactured in flat form and in various grit sizes; Karbosan grinding cups are safely preferred for maintenance, repair, sharpening and manufacturing processes of any kind of machinery parts, cutter tips and carbide tools. Suitable for dry grinding. High quality and long lasting. Does not cause burn on the workpiece.
Karbosan grinding cups are safe. All Karbosan abrasive products are manufactured and tested according to OSA standards.

Product Performance

High alloy steelsWood
AsphaltTool steels
Manufacturing Steels Structural steels
Hardnened steelsAluminum
Die steelsCast steel
Cast ironSteel rail profile 49 kg/m
GlassLow alloy steels
Soft steels

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