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Comfort Line ZR SD Flap Discs

Comfort Line ZR SD Flap Discs

Product Description
Optimum flap version Standard Density flap discs are preferred in high stock removal operations.
Product Code: ZXR11
Abrasive: Zirconia
Backing: X Heavy Cotton Cloth
Application: Weld grinding, deburring and blending applications for Steel and Stainless Steel (Inox)

Product Performance

Welding seamStructural steels
High alloy steelsHardnened steels
Stainless Steel / InoxAluminum
Gray cast iron (Pig) Nodular cast iron
Tool steelsDie steels
Bearing steelsCopper
Cast steelBronze
Non-BrassSoft steels
Non-ferrous metals Sand finishes
Low alloy steels

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