Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

LOCTITE C 502, No Clean, Soldering – Cored wire, Pb free and SnPb alloys available
LOCTITE® C 502 is a clear residue, cored solder wire with medium activity flux with good wetting on difficult substrates.

Options and Configurations

Approximate Flux Content: 2.7%
Diameter Range: 0.25mm to 1.63mm
Alloy (Pb-Free): 99C (SnCu), 97SC (SAC305), 96SC (SAC387)
Alloy (SnPb): Sn60, Sn62, Sn63
Number of Cores: Varies from 1 to 5
*Flux content is dependent on alloy, diameter and number of cores

  • No clean
  • Clear residue
  • Good wetting
  • Fast soldering
  • Mild odor
  • Halide Containing
  • Pb-free and SnPb alloys available

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