Elcometer 2300 Rotational Viscometers

Elcometer 2300 Rotational Viscometers

Available in four versions with a choice of low to medium or medium to high viscosity ranges, either manually or PC controlled, the Elcometer 2300 range of rotational viscometers can be used to measure the viscosity of liquids in accordance with ISO 2555 and a number of ASTM standards.

  • Low to medium or medium to high viscosity versions – manually or PC controlled via ViscosityMaster™
  • Clear, backlit LCD displays:
  • Viscosity reading (cP or mPas)
  • Spindle rotation speed
  • % torque
  • Sample temperature
  • Auto range
  • Shear rate & shear stress
  • Wide range of spindles for various viscosity and shear rate measurements
  • Automated Krebs test – set up and press ‘Start’
  • Audible warning if viscosity reading exceeds the limits set by the user
  • Temperature probe supplied for increased accuracy of measurement
  • Supplied with Elcometer ViscosityMaster™ Software

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