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Leica M-Com mobile communication solution

Plug and play solutions for monitoring communication

The Leica M-Com series are the first compact plug and play solutions for monitoring communication. The Leica ComBox and Leica Comgate provide the communication from the sensors in the field to the internet. To keep the monitoring system run…


Leica SmartStation - Total Station with integrated GNSS

Total Station with integrated GNSS

The Leica SmartStation is a unique, high performance total station that perfectly integrates a powerful GNSS receiver. Simply set up the SmartStation and let GNSS determine the position of the total station.

With the SmartStation and versatile SmartPole, …


Leica Viva SmartPole

Easily work with either GNSS or TPS

Leica SmartPole provides you with complete freedom of choice – you can easily switch between GNSS and TPS and vice-versa. Measure each point once with GNSS or TPS or quickly measure with both for TPS setup points. Simply tap an icon and the SmartPole instan…


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