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Blog posts : "Leica: Robotic Total Stations"

Leica TS12P Robotic Total Station

Fastest robotic total station in its class

The Leica TS12P (Performance) robotic total station sets a new standard. All you need to start efficient surveying today is on one, customised package to suit your requirements. The TS12P is delivered with:

Leica SmartWorx – an on-board package wi…


Leica Nova TM50 – To effectively manage & monitor structures

Every half second counts

Engineering companies and contractors face increased challenges monitoring ever-changing structures. They are being charged with – and being held liable for – the condition of the structures they create and maintain. In order to surmount these challenges, engineers ne…


Leica Nova TS60 – Self-Learning Total Station

Intuitive technology for an immersive experience

The only total station in the world that offers dedicated precision in the harshest conditions, the Leica Nova TS60 is designed for the highest accuracy down to the sub-millimeter and sub-second. Experience the meaning of perfected precision.


Leica Viva TS16 - World’s First Self-Learning Total Station

Intuitive technology adjusting to any environment

Meet the world’s first self-learning total station. Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target. Regardless of how challenging the task or the amount of distractions in th…


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