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ZXPR11 Endless Belts: Metal & Stainless Steel (inox)

Poly/cotton heavy X  cloth makes it ideal for the grinding of metals under heavy conditions.It has high stock removal capacity and long life. Suitable for  flap disc / wide belt production.





Technical Specifications


Dimensions Type Article Grit Grain Bond Packing Backing Material Weight Barcode
610 x 10094199424A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,13 kg869149941994
610 x 10094199536A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,1 kg869149941995
610 x 10094199640A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149941996
610 x 10094199750A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149941997
610 x 10094199860A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,06 kg869149941998
610 x 100941998100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,06 kg869149941998
610 x 100941993120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,05 kg869149941993
1150 x 10094004824A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,25 kg869149940048
1150 x 10094004936A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,2 kg869149940049
1150 x 10094005040A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149940050
1150 x 10094005150A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,15 kg869149940051
1150 x 10094005260A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,12 kg869149940052
1150 x 10094005580A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149940055
1150 x 100940046100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,09 kg869149940046
1150 x 100940047120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg940047869149
1250 x 10094007724A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,28 kg869149940077
1250 x 10094007836A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,22 kg869149940078
1250 x 10094007940A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,18 kg869149940079
1250 x 10094008250A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,16 kg869149940082
1250 x 10094008360A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,13 kg869149940083
1250 x 10094008480A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,11 kg869149940084
1250 x 100940075100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,1 kg869149940075
1250 x 100940076120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,09 kg869149940076
1500 x 5094089340A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,1 kg869149940893
1500 x 5094089450A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149940894
1500 x 5094089560A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149940895
1500 x 5094089680A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149940896
1500 x 50940891100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,06 kg869149940891
1500 x 50940892120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,05 kg869149940892
1750 x 5094098024A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,19 kg869149940980
1750 x 5094000536A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,15 kg869149940005
1750 x 5094098140A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,12 kg869149940981
1750 x 5094098250A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,11 kg869149940982
1750 x 5094000660A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,09 kg869149940006
1750 x 5094000780A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149940007
1750 x 50940979100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,07 kg869149940979
1750 x 50940008120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149940008
2000 x 5094120524A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,22 kg869149941205
2000 x 5094000936A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,17 kg869149940009
2000 x 5094000940A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,14 kg869149940009
2000 x 5094000950A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,13 kg869149940009
2000 x 5094000960A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,08 kg869149940009
2000 x 5094000980A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,09 kg869149940009
2000 x 50941204100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149941204
2000 x 50940012120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,07 kg869149940012
2000 x 10094056724A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149940567
2000 x 10094110436A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,35 kg869149941104
2000 x 10094056840A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,28 kg869149940568
2000 x 10094056960A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,21 kg869149940569
2000 x 10094057080A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,18 kg869149940570
2000 x 100941102100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,16 kg869149941102
2000 x 100941103120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149941103
3500 x 10094165024A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,78 kg869149941650
3500 x 10094165136A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149941651
3500 x 10096524140A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,29 kg869149965241
3500 x 10094165450A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,47 kg8691499941654
3500 x 10094165560A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,37 kg869149941655
3500 x 10094165680A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,33 kg869149941656
3500 x 100941648100A/O-1X Standard Cotton0,29 kg869149941648
3500 x 100941649120A/O-1X Standard Cotton0 kg869149941649

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