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Telephone Test Sets: TS® 25D Test Sets

The TS25D features data lockout and lockout override, and a large LCD.

  • Caller-ID and Call Waiting Caller-ID
  • Amplified speakers for hands-free monitoring
  • Data lockout and data lockout override
  • Tone generator for wire identification
  • Talk battery to power voice conversation on dry (non-powered) lines
  • Easy to read oversized liquid crystal display


This feature-rich test set is a necessity for a variety of installs. The TS25D Test Set features data lockout and lockout override, making you completely safe in talk or monitor mode. The DSL/POTS filtering technology allows you to safely draw dial tone without downing DSL.

A built-in analog tone generator simplifies wire identification with a probe. An amplified speaker makes monitoring the line hands-free, so you can keep working. The talk battery function provides voltage to carry voice conversation on non-powered pairs.

All in a compact unit with an oversized robust liquid crystal display (LCD) that makes the intuitive, common-sense menus easy-to-read and use.

TS® Professional Series – Products Comparison

Models & Accessories


Model Number/NameDescription
25501004TS25D test set with 346A plug
25501009TS25D test set with ABN
25501109TS25D test set with ABN kit (includes pouch and earpiece)


Model Number/NameDescription
25500100Earpiece, TS25D test set
25500300TS25D battery door with belt clip
25500400Pouch only, TS25D

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