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Blog posts : "Elcometer: Washability & Abrasion"

Elcometer 1720 Abrasion and Washability Tester

These robust, reliable and extremely versatile machines have been designed for testing the washability, brushability and resistance of a wide range of materials including paint, lacquers, inks, coatings, leather, wood, plastics, printed material, fabrics etc.

  • Made from anodised aluminium makin…


Elcometer 4695 Scrub Test Panels

In a typical scrub test, the coating is applied to the Leneta Scrub Test Panel at a specified film thickness, allowed to dry and then subjected to scrubbing with a straight-line scrub tester.

When used in accordance with ASTM D2486, Method A, a 10mil shim is inserted under the panel to accelerate…


Elcometer 5750 Taber® Linear Abraser

Whatever your product, be it curved, round, big or small, the Linear Abraser from Taber® can test it all.

Using a free floating head to follow the contours of the sample, the Taber® 5750 is the ideal abrasion tester for flat or curved surfaces. It may also be used as a scratch tool, using the sc…


Elcometer 5135 & 5155 Taber® Rotary Abrasers

The Taber® Rotary Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability testing and is available with either a single test head or dual testing heads, which allows the user to test two different or identical materials simultaneously.

Used primarily in the testing of ceramics, plastics,…


Elcometer Taber® Abrading Wheels

Taber® Abrading Wheels are available in five levels of abrasiveness to suit a wide range of material testing applications.

Wool, felt or plain rubber wheels test delicate materials or abrasiveness of materials such as dental powders.

Wheels featuring abrasive particles in a resilient matrix o…


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